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Charlotte Symphony’s “Charlotte Mecklenburg” performance recorded for upcoming city festival

Apr 16, 2019

At the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra performances last weekend of Mozart's Requiem and Salieri's symphony Il Giorno Onomastico, led by Music Director Christopher Warren-Green, "The orchestra began by playing Nkeiru Okoye's 'Charlotte Mecklenburg' for the second time this season," writes Lawrence Toppman in Saturday's (4/13) Charlotte Observer (N.C.). "They commissioned it last year to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the city; it was recorded Friday to be part of 'A People's History of Charlotte,' a 3-D projection event at McColl Center for Art + Innovation during the upcoming Charlotte Shout [festival].... The piece [uses] a four-note percussion motif and whistles, and it concluded with a high-kicking South American dance number. Even if you don't know the history behind it--for instance, the percussion phrase reflects the name 'Keith Lamont Scott,' victim of a police shooting--the music mostly holds up." The annual Charlotte Shout is a festival of art, music, food, and ideas in Uptown Charlotte. This year the Shout is being held from April 29 to May 11 and is the grand finale of CLT250, the year-long commemoration of Charlotte's 250th anniversary.  

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