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A Night to Remember: NYE with Melinda Doolittle and Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Dec 22, 2021

By Anders J. Hare, QCity Metro--

For many, New Year's Eve has been a time to reflect on the year behind and embrace what is to come. This season, you can join the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra for a New Year's Eve performance that does both.

American Idol finalist and R&B songstress Melinda Doolittle will headline CSO's first New Year's Eve concert since the start of the pandemic, scheduled for Friday, Dec. 31, at Belk Theater.

Christopher James Lees, the show's conductor, says Doolittle has a voice that "makes time stop."

"You just listen to her, and immediately you're drawn into this world, and everything else just ceases to exist," he said. "You just exist in this beautiful moment that she creates."

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