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Charlotte Symphony and the JCSU Concert Choir Lift Every Spirit at Brayboy Gym

Mar 21, 2023

Perry Tannenbaum, CVNC -- 

You might have thought that a symphony orchestra performing in a college gymnasium would prove to be an odd coupling. Sure, there can be satisfying concerts staged at coliseums where a city's basketball team plays, but those are usually performed by rockstars, pop icons, and the occasional Cirque du Soleil troupe when every note is processed electronically. My curiosity was certainly piqued when Charlotte Symphony Orchestra announced that its "In Concert with Johnson C. Smith University" program would be happening on campus at the Brayboy Gymnasium. Led by resident conductor Christopher James Lees, CSO would be joined on the court the hardwood covered with bright blue tarpaulin by the JCSU Concert Choir, led by soprano Shawn-Allyce White and accompanied by pianist Frank Williams.

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