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Charlotte Symphony's new season arguably its most diverse ever, CEO says

Mar 14, 2023

Marshall Terry, WFAE -- 

The Charlotte Symphony has announced performances for its 2023-24 season, which starts this fall. David Fisk, its president and CEO, says the season is arguably the most diverse in the symphony's history. He spoke with WFAE's Marshall Terry.

Marshall Terry: So what makes this upcoming season so diverse?

David Fisk: I think it's in the mix of programs that we have across all the series that we're offering, but also within each series as well. And just to give you one example, that's starting with the pop series as well as our traditional holiday pops in December. We've got a wonderful artist coming Regina Carter, fantastic jazz violinist in February. And then on either side of that, we've got a group called The Hot Sardines who do a really eclectic mix of standards and modern-day hits in November, and then the Great Ladies of Swing in April. So that's the kind of thing that I'm talking about within a series. And in the classical series, of course, we've got 12 concerts there to play with. So we can really give a complete overview of great works from early on in the classical repertoire right through the present day.

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